The Longest Domains on the Internet Today

The world has run amok with long domain names, with new registrations enjoying a resurgence that hasn't been seen for many years. So as an emergency precaution, I created this shrine to pay homage to only the most legitimate record-holding longest domains on the web today.

A domain name registration has a limit of 63 characters preceeding its extension. In calculating longest domain records, two criteria is used. First, both the dot and the TLD are mediums in it's character count, pattern or purpose. Second, the domain's date of registration. Was that record type the first of its kind?

In this first section are my very own longest domains on the Internet. Each holds the first and current record in its length class.

Current Records

The longest single-word domain, with a grand total of 72 characters:


The absolute longest domain, with a total of 77 characters:


The longest ccTLD perfect palindrome using only the letter E:


The absolute longest complete digit domain name:

The mind-blowing ingenuity it takes to brainchild a long domain name is just unfathomable. It requires a unique kind of view to appreciate these extreme names. But they have been around for longer than most would think. Since 1997, in fact. And then in 1999, it first became possible to register a 63 character name, which to this day is the limit to any registration.

In the spirit of honouring the pioneers of long domains, and as a nod of appreciation for inspiring mine own, this next section contains original record-holders.

Historical Records

The first longest real single-word domain ever created in any TLD or ccTLD uses the extension, and was registered in July of 1997.

This is the oldest 63 character alphabetical domain prefix, first registered in November 1999.

The oldest 63 numerical character domain prefix. Registered since January 2000.

The first longest English sentence domain prefix using all 63 characters, registered in April 2000.

This is domain name is quite unique. 61 dashes/hyphens is the most in any name ever, and also the ONLY name which has more than two consecutive dashes. Registered since June 2000. •

The first 63 numerical domain to use a subdomain to complete its validity - in this case, the longest and most accurate place to Pi possible in a domain name. Registered in December 2002.

The oldest full repeating TLD pattern domain, registered in October 2010.

This is the first and longest TLD perfect palindrome ever created. There is not a more pristine 63 character domain name in existence. Registered since February 2013.

This is the first and longest 63 character Chinese domain name. Billed as "the longest blog domain", it was created in April 2015. Translated to English the patterned "dian" word means "dot" and "yi" means "one", followed by "liang" (two) etc.